Tuesday, March 25, 2008

So, I feel like I'm living in the stone age over here because apparently "everybody" is blogging now. I spend a good amount of time everyday reading the blogs of my friends and relatives and decided, maybe this will save some time with phone calls and emails!! Maybe not, IDK, but I do know that I love reading my 25 year old neices blogspot...wouldn't we all love to be 25, single, beautiful and have the world at our feet?? Well, she's a doll, and since I love reading her blog so much, I thought I'd give it a shot. I know this is pretty generic and not much to look at yet, but hey, it's my first day, first entry, first attempt at this, so give me a chance to figure out how it all works before you decide it's boring and sign off! Deal?
Anyway, it's the baby's nap time right now, so I don't know how much time I really even have to sit down and let the words flow, because heaven knows that when Hailey wakes up, she is the center of the universe and everything must cease in order to see what it is she wants. I love that little girl, she's got us wrapped around her little finger, but she's in that 2 1/2 year old phase, (you know the one they don't grow out of until they're 20) where she has that whole ego-centric thing going on. This is Hailey's domain, we are all just priviledged to live in it! LOL!
Besides the ego-centric baby, I also have an 18 year old daughter (down boys), a 16 year old step-son, a 15 year old son, a 9 year old step-daughter and a 5 year old son. If that weren't enough people living in one house, we also have a nephew that lives with us - he'll be 20 next week and I told him his birthday gift is going to be an apartment guide and a 2 week notice!
It's not really as bad as it sounds, I promise. My daughter and nephew have full-time jobs, so they're not home much, and my husbands kids are only hear about half the month. So it's really only chaotic about half the time! I can actually find quiet time every once in awhile if you can believe that. That's when I like to read, or check emails and blogs, or clean the house, do the laundry, you know, the essentials.
Well, the baby just walked in and so I must go for now. I hope to be able to make it more interesting soon. Let me know if you have helpful hints or ideas for me. Thanks!!