Saturday, May 31, 2008

Graduation Season has begun!

I took a quick trip to Utah on Thursday, to attend the graduation of my neice Randi. Unfortunatley it had to be a quick trip, because of our busy schedules, and I had to go by myself with the little ones, because Rich was working and Elissa and Brendan had finals. But, even though it was hectic, I'm so glad I was able to go!! Randi was a beautiful graduate and the whole ceremony was really awesome! Not to mention, I got to see 2 of my sisters, my mom, my Uncle Darrell, Aunt Joan, and my nephew TJ (whom I haven't seen in ages)!! Not bad for 24 hours! The night before graduation, Parker, Hailey and I got to go to dinner with Randi, my sister (her mom), my brother-in-law (thanks, by the way, it was so good!), my mom, and another of my sisters at PF Chang's. Yummy!!

Then, it was back to my sisters house for some marshmallow roasting over their awesome fire pit in the backyard! I gotta get one of these at my house!!

The, next morning, it was time to graduate!!
The proud mom and graduate!!! (that's going to be me in 10 more days!! Only, I'll be crying like a baby!)The proud big brother!!!The proud grandma!! And finally, proud me!!

After grandma treated us to a nice lunch at CPK (thanks grandma - it was delicious!), it was time to head back home! We were worn out, but at least they slept for a lot of the trip!

I just want to thank my big sis for the hospitality and Brian for the yummy chocolate chip pancakes and warm fire! You guys are awesome! Next time I'll try to stay longer! Love to you all!! See you soon...and bring your shoulders, because I'll be emo!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I Got Tagged...

All About My Sexy Husband...

1. What is his name? Richard - but we call him Rich, or Ritchie, or Daddy!

2. Who eats more? He does at meal time - but I snack more!!

3. Who said I love you first? He did, I was way too afraid to admit it!

4. Who is taller? He is, and according to him, I'm shrinking!!

5. Who is smarter? I'll call it a tie! He's definitely got me in some subjects, but I can hold my own!

6. Who is more sensitive? That depends...I'm not usually, but for 1 week out of every month - you can't say anything that won't get under my skin!

7. Who does the laundry? ME!!! I don't like anyone washing my clothes but me! Yes, I have issues!

8. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Looking at it, he does.

9. Who pays the bills? HE DOES! I got way too stressed out - I'm not the best with money - I'd rather go shopping then pay bills! He's much more disciplined than I.

10. Who cooks more? I do - but there are a couple of things that his mom used to make him as a kid, so I make him cook those meals because - well, he's picky and I don't want to mess up his "favorites" by deviating from the original version.

11. What meals do you cook together? Taco's and BBQ.

12. Who is more stubborn? I AM!!! Please, for your own sake, never ask me if I need help with something!!!

13. Who is the first to admit they're wrong? Obviously he is, because I'm never wrong!!! ;0)

14. Who is more clean? We're both neat freaks, but if I'm going to clean something, I'm going to clean it right! It takes at least 2 or 3 cleaning products to clean a room! He's more of a put away the clutter so it looks clean.

15. Who has more siblings? Me - I'm #5 of 6. He's #1 of 2.

16. Who wears the pants in the relationship? I let him! ;0)

17. What do you like to do together? Chores, I know, weird. We like to do the yard work, wash cars, clean the house. For fun, we like to watch movies.

18. Who eats more sweets? He does. He's a dessert person, I only like it once in awhile. However, we both LOVE a good cheesecake!!!

19. Guilty pleasures? I don't know if he has any - maybe Starbucks and vampire movies!

20. How did you meet? In the Navy - we were in the same Navy Reserve Unit, and knew each other for a few years before we ever started dating.

21. Who asked who out first? He did - actually, we went with a mutual friend to a movie so that people wouldn't start any "rumors" in our Reserve Unit.

22. Who kissed who first? He definitely kissed me first.

23. Who proposed? He did - and I was mortified!!! We were in such a public place - I hate making a spectacle of myself - I saw him start to bring a ring box out and I almost ran away! Looking back, it was quite romantic - we were on the observation deck of the Eifel Tower (OK-just the little one on the Vegas strip!), watching the Fountain show at the Bellagio. I just wish there hadn't been so many people around!!

24. His best features? His sexy runner's legs, his smile, and his hair, with just a sprinkling of gray starting.

25. What is his greatest quality? Just one??? I can't name just one! It's his undying devotion to his family, his work, his country, his faith; his honesty; his self-confidence; his humility; his pride; and the fact that he loves his family and is not afraid to show it.

Who do I tag? Well, I don't know enough people in this blogging world, so...I guess, Jacki and Mom!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Elissa's Senior pix

I just wanted to share with you some pictures that I recently took of Elissa and her best friend Brittney. Elissa wanted some "Senior" pictures that were different than anyone else's, so this is some of what we came up with. They are both such beautiful girls, there was no way I could get a bad shot! We had fun, and made some great memories at the same time!


Oh brother it's been HOT!!! It's only May - the MIDDLE of May - and it's already gotten above 100!!! I sincerely hope that this is not a sign of what kind of summer we're in for! That's the one thing about living in Vegas - the summer's are miserable!

So to escape the scorching heat, we spent the day swimming! It was so refreshing and wonderful! The kids had a blast - even Brendan joined in when he got home from school.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Parker and Hailey's fun weekend

Parker and Hailey had so much fun this weekend. They got to go see their favorite show on PBS LIVE!! Signing Time with Rachel Coleman came to our local library on Friday night - it is probably the best show on TV! Parker has picked up a huge vocabulary in sign language - he has the most amazing memory. And Hailey loves to dance to the songs - her little hands still struggle to make a lot of the actual signs - but she tries - and it's so adorable. They had a good time watching "Hopkins" the frog and Rachel doing their songs on the amphitheater stage.
Then on Saturday morning, Parker had another T-ball game. He is getting so much better. He was starting to develop a little fear of the ball - in particular - getting tagged out at a base, so he would run off the base line and try to avoid getting touched by the baseman with the ball. We've explained to him the importance of staying on the white line - or he'll be called out anyway. On Saturday's game he stayed on the line!!! And when he got tagged out, he wasn't all mopey. And his slide into home is coming along great!!

And while Parker was playing his heart out, Hailey was busy with her new BFF, (the cutest little girl named Maddy). Maddy's brother is on Parker's team, so they're always playing together during the games. Maddy's a little older than Hailey - and she has the most beautiful hair I've ever seen on a 3 year old!! Hailey and I are a little jealous!

Finally, that afternoon, we got to meet my sister Kim and my awesome brother-in-law, Kenny, for lunch at Chili's! We don't get to see them more than once or twice a year, so it was so fun to see them. Even if it was just for a quick lunch! Thanks for meeting us guys!! Next time, I promise I'll have the house clean and you can sit and stay awhile! We love you guys!