Sunday, June 21, 2009

Parker lost a tooth!

FINALLY!!!! Parker has had a wiggly tooth for what seems like forever and today it FINALLY came out! He has worked so hard on that poor tooth, everyday wiggling, turning, wiggling, I can't believe it held on as long as it did! He's so super excited to see what the Tooth Fairy trades him for his FIRST tooth! My little boy is growing up =(

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Some catching up to do....

I can't believe I've let so much time slip by without posting some of the great things that have been going on around here! Well, here's a little catch up for you all....I say all like there are so many people even reading this! Ok, so it's an update for all 3 of you that even read this anymore!
Say what you will about the Clark County School District, but I think one of the best things they do for our kids is put them through the D.A.R.E. program in 5th grade - just in time to start Jr. High when all the fun problems seem to start. This year it was Courtney's turn and she graduated with flying colors! The best part is that so far, all 4 of our oldest kids have had the SAME D.A.R.E. officer - and he happens to be a good friend of Rich's. So, anyway, we are so proud of our Courtney for taking a stand against drugs, alcohol, and smoking! We love you Courtney!

We also recently had the pleasure of having my little brother Billy come through town and stay a day with us. It was nice to see him, I only get the opportunity to do so about once every coupla years because he lives quite an adventuresome life! Well, he was in town with a friend of his while they were traveling through the western states performing their music at some small venues to help pay for their travels. The two of them call their band the Dela Project, and I hanve to say it was qutie enjoyable. He is so talented - still not sure what happened to me - I'm still looking for my talents! Anyway - I'll post a video at the end for you to listen to if you wish. It was a great visit and I was very happy to have him here - especially since he was able to come and watch Parker's Kindergarten graduation before they left town! Love you little bro!! Hope your travels are adventurous and safe! Brendan and Hailey really loved listening! They are forever fans!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Let Them Be Little...

Another school year is coming to an end. It seems that each year goes faster than the one before! Last year I cried as Elissa walked to receive her High School diploma and this year I cried as my little Parker received his Kindergarten Completion Certificate! It just doesn't seem possible that the little tiny boy I once held in my arms is so big already! On to the 1st grade and gone from his mommy for 6 hours a day next year! What will I do without him? I know I sound crazy, most parents relish at the thought of this newly found free time, but I just know how fast these next years will pass and before I know it, he'll be ready to leave home as well.
OK, so enough boo-hooing and onto the celebration! His elementary school put on a great program. All the morning Kindergartener's were on stage and sang us an array of songs they've learned through the school year, including their rendition of "Celebrate". Then it was time for a couple of slide shows, which started the water works for most of the moms, especially me, and then it was the distribution of Completion Certificates. They were all dressed up in their Sunday best and were so great! I'm so blessed to live in the boundaries of such an amazing school! I've posted a couple videos of their songs, so enjoy!!! And the best part of it all was that my little brother, Parker's Uncle Billy, just happened to be in town for the big event and he joined us at the celebration! What a special treat! (I'll post more about Billy's visit soon! What a great musician he is!)