Saturday, May 31, 2008

Graduation Season has begun!

I took a quick trip to Utah on Thursday, to attend the graduation of my neice Randi. Unfortunatley it had to be a quick trip, because of our busy schedules, and I had to go by myself with the little ones, because Rich was working and Elissa and Brendan had finals. But, even though it was hectic, I'm so glad I was able to go!! Randi was a beautiful graduate and the whole ceremony was really awesome! Not to mention, I got to see 2 of my sisters, my mom, my Uncle Darrell, Aunt Joan, and my nephew TJ (whom I haven't seen in ages)!! Not bad for 24 hours! The night before graduation, Parker, Hailey and I got to go to dinner with Randi, my sister (her mom), my brother-in-law (thanks, by the way, it was so good!), my mom, and another of my sisters at PF Chang's. Yummy!!

Then, it was back to my sisters house for some marshmallow roasting over their awesome fire pit in the backyard! I gotta get one of these at my house!!

The, next morning, it was time to graduate!!
The proud mom and graduate!!! (that's going to be me in 10 more days!! Only, I'll be crying like a baby!)The proud big brother!!!The proud grandma!! And finally, proud me!!

After grandma treated us to a nice lunch at CPK (thanks grandma - it was delicious!), it was time to head back home! We were worn out, but at least they slept for a lot of the trip!

I just want to thank my big sis for the hospitality and Brian for the yummy chocolate chip pancakes and warm fire! You guys are awesome! Next time I'll try to stay longer! Love to you all!! See you soon...and bring your shoulders, because I'll be emo!!!


Aubrey said...

I'm sad I missed some fun family time. Looks like you guys had a great trip to Utah. I can't believe how old everyone is included! Yikes! Love you!!!

Kim Messick said...

I love your brown dress! And that's my favorite picture of Hailey and Parker asleep!!! Ha Ha that made me laugh!
Sorry we couldn't be there!
Love you guys