Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Parker and Hailey's fun weekend

Parker and Hailey had so much fun this weekend. They got to go see their favorite show on PBS LIVE!! Signing Time with Rachel Coleman came to our local library on Friday night - it is probably the best show on TV! Parker has picked up a huge vocabulary in sign language - he has the most amazing memory. And Hailey loves to dance to the songs - her little hands still struggle to make a lot of the actual signs - but she tries - and it's so adorable. They had a good time watching "Hopkins" the frog and Rachel doing their songs on the amphitheater stage.
Then on Saturday morning, Parker had another T-ball game. He is getting so much better. He was starting to develop a little fear of the ball - in particular - getting tagged out at a base, so he would run off the base line and try to avoid getting touched by the baseman with the ball. We've explained to him the importance of staying on the white line - or he'll be called out anyway. On Saturday's game he stayed on the line!!! And when he got tagged out, he wasn't all mopey. And his slide into home is coming along great!!

And while Parker was playing his heart out, Hailey was busy with her new BFF, (the cutest little girl named Maddy). Maddy's brother is on Parker's team, so they're always playing together during the games. Maddy's a little older than Hailey - and she has the most beautiful hair I've ever seen on a 3 year old!! Hailey and I are a little jealous!

Finally, that afternoon, we got to meet my sister Kim and my awesome brother-in-law, Kenny, for lunch at Chili's! We don't get to see them more than once or twice a year, so it was so fun to see them. Even if it was just for a quick lunch! Thanks for meeting us guys!! Next time, I promise I'll have the house clean and you can sit and stay awhile! We love you guys!


Florene said...

Oh, Heather! You have the most beautiful children! I love that you are such a wonderful mom for them. Some day, they will "rise up and call you blessed!" Thanks for taking the time to share these amazing things with us!