Saturday, July 19, 2008

Two Great Men; One Great Day!

My daddy and me - 1972; mom and dad - 19??

Ken and Kim

Happy Birthday to two great men in my family. My Daddy and my brother-in-law were both born on this day, and Kenny, you became such a loving father figure when I lost my dad, it's fitting that you share his birthday.
My dad would have been 77 years old today...but, he is eternally youthful in my memory.
Have a wonderful birthday!! You are so loved!!
(sorry I had to recycle your picture guys - I guess I need to take more of you!!! Oh, well, it's a great one!)


Florene said...

Oh, Heather! Trust you to put such a touching Happy Birthday greeting in your blog! I miss that guy! (The picture of the two of us was at BYU in 1957 -- 51 years ago!) Love you!

Kim Messick said...

Thanks Heather! You are the greatest... We love you too!
What an awesome 50th! and 77th!
I love it!

Aubrey said...

What a great post. For some reason I completely forgot that Grandpa's birthday was the same as my Dad's. How neat is that!!!