Friday, November 14, 2008

Bowling with 6 year olds!!

Ok - I'm FINALLY getting pictures from Parker's birthday party up...I know, I know. But I've always lived my life better late than never!!
Rich and I, with the help of a couple of my bff's (because heaven knows I couldn't function without them!) took ten, yes I said 10!, 5 & 6 year olds bowling! To be honest, besides the noise, it was a lot of fun! They bowled their little hearts out! I'm sure the bowling alley had some new dents in the floor by the time we were done, but they had a good time making them!

I think that ball weighs more than Parker does!

Johnney's going for the wind up!!

And there's the release!!

Parker's trying to get some tips on form from Dillon.Hailey's turn!waiting....We're still waiting to find out if that ball ever did make it all the way to the pins!


Kim said...

How cute are they? It looks like everyone had a good time bowling! That is one of my favorite sports - because I can actually do it!!! :)

Florene said...

He is so cute! What a fun thing to do with those kids. You're brave and a great mom at the same time! Loved the photos.
When do we get to see Rich's Retirement Party pictures? I'm waiting!