Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A not so Sweet 16 :(

Wow, I can't believe I've let a month get away from me without uttering a word! How totally unlike me....I'm usually so hard to shut up!! It's not like NOTHING has been going on, or that I don't have anything to blog about, I guess I've just been busy livin the life and trying to get through my busy days!

So, sadly, I didn't even give my boy the attention he deserved last week on his big 16th b-day! I feel like a crappy mom - I've been blessed with such a great kid and he deserves some recognition, so here it is! Last Tuesday, my oldest boy Brendan, turned the big 16!! He's so easy going, he didn't even want to do anything for his birthday! No party, no cake - he's not much of a cake eater (he definitely doesn't get that from me!). He didn't even want to go out to dinner - he just wanted a grilled cheese sandwich - his favorite dinner. But because my big sister, Debi, and her husband, Brian, just so happened to be here from Orem on this awesome occassion, we talked him into going somewhere that had grilled cheese on the menu! Then we went to Cold Stone for some birthday ice cream, I practically had to force feed it to him! And the only gift he wanted was money! (he's saving up for his car!) So we took him to the bank and opened him his first bank account and loaded it up with money! (Yea right!) Although he did do pretty well on the gifttage from all his extended family members! And I'm such a bad mom that I didn't even remember my camera! Although, in my own defense, because of the economic state of the world today, I have been working a little and I happened to work that day - an 8 hour shift that began at 6am - ugggh! So, by the time we got to dinner, I was pretty wiped out and ready for an early bedtime - as I had to go back for another 8 the next morning.

I guess I just wanted my blogger friends to know I hadn't fallen off the face of the earth and that I love my son with all the love I have in my heart! I'm so grateful I have been entrusted with his care and I do my best everyday to raise him the way he deserves to be raised. He is so loving and has such a good heart, he is a good big brother and so much help to me and Rich. Thank you, Brendan, for being you!!! I love you!


Kim said...

Oh, oopppsss! I forgot to send the card too...SO Sorry Brendan it is on its way - a little late but Aunt Kim and Uncle Kenny love you too!

Florene said...

That was the sweetest sentiment I have read in a very long time -- and I concur! Brendan is our "Sweetheart!" I love that kid so much and it was so good to be able to talk to him on his birthday!

Joseph and Katie Smith said...

Yeah! You are back! I enjoyed the V-Day info and your write up about your son. He is lucky to have you for a mom. Sounds like a good son. Take care.