Thursday, May 28, 2009

Here we go again...

Well, Mom always said that if you're going to do something, you'd better do it right!! Parker must live by this mantra as he has broken yet another bone! I sometimes worry about this fragile little man, this happened while riding his bike. Another boy - a bigger boy - collided with Parker head-on, smashing his little hand between the bigger bike and Parker's little bike. I can't get angry and point the finger of blame, it was just an accident after all, but sometimes I get frusterated with the bigger kids who don't watch out for the smaller ones. =( So once again we were off to the ER to take care of my broken little boy =(

This picture was taken yesterday after sitting in a hard splint for 4 days...sooo swollen and bruised =(

OK, so maybe I should've warned you that it was an ugly break!! It was broken AND displaced! After going through all the trauma of having needles poked in it to numb it in the ER to set it, he had to have it RE-SET at the Ortho's office yesterday - with NO anesthetic!!! He is such a big brave man! My heart was breaking for him! The Dr. measured about a 12% angulation still left after setting it, but said as he grows it will'd think with all the modern technology available today, we wouldn't have to be left with crooked fingers!!! =)
So after all was said and done, he got to have a cool looking cast - he chose black for some odd reason. He was a champ through it all and we took some metallic markers to school today so all his friends could sign it for him!
P.S. Just so noone thinks I'm a bad mom, he is being referred to a specialist to make sure that he doesn't have a condition that is causing his bones to break more easily than most peoples....believe me, I've worried about it myself!


Florene or Lori said...

Oh, my little man! That just breaks Grandma's heart to know that he has to suffer so much. When he grows up he can trade stories with his Uncle Mark! Two of a kind, I fear! Kisses and hugs to my big boy -- gotta love him -- he's a trooper.

Kim said...

Sooo Sorry about another broken bone Parker!!!! You are so brave! I hope it heals quickly! We love you so much!