Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rattler's Baseball

Parker's Little League team this year is rockin a 14-1 record this season! Last night, sadly, they were handed their very first loss :( The only consolation being that the team that beat them is the second best in the league. I wish I could say I am happy with the way this season has gone, but unfortunately I have become less and less happy as the season has progressed. We've been with our coach, who for the most part is a really great guy, for 3 seasons now. But for some reason, this season has been different. All the boys on the team, except little Parker, will be moving up to the next division in the Fall. Parker will have to say goodbye to his Little League buddies because he is not old enough to move up for another whole year. That said, because the other boys are advancing, they have been playing a whole different game this season. Their coach has seemed to be a little more focused on winning then teaching, which is the exact opposite of the way he has coached in the past. Parker has been banished to the outfield all season, and truth-be-told, he's not a bad little infielder! He's got a quick scoop on the ball and a good arm with decent accuracy. I'm sad that he has not had his talents utilized/explored:( Next year, my hope is that he will find a team that will allow him to practice more then 1 position....

That said, here are some pictures I've snapped throughout the season. Nothing brings me more joy than watching my boy do what he loves. I hope he continues to love it for many years to come, and the only way that's going to happen is if he has some good coaches :)

Of course, I had to throw in some pictures of his beautiful little sister who goes to support him at EVERY game :)


Kim said...

Ahh! Heather you are such a great Mom! Of course, every Mother has to stand up for their children, but in the end, it is the children who learn from us about our attitudes towards the coach, or the team, or the position they play, and then they begin to listen to us their playing changes also. I think children learn a lot from times like these on how to handle everything that life hands them...whether it's infield or outfield...Stand strong and be the best you can be wherever you play Parker!!! Love you guys!

Bracken and Bracken said...

That's stinky! Poor Parker :) He looks so cute holding that baseball bat, I can just picture Dallen looking that way so soon!!