Monday, April 21, 2008

My baby girl...

Saturday night was my baby girls Senior Prom. Where have the years gone? And when did she get so grown up? She looked beautiful, like a woman! I'm so impressed with the young woman she's become, she really is such a blessing to our lives. The teenage years had so many ups and downs, I felt like I was riding Space Mountain - I never knew what was around the next turn. Now that she's 18, things are different. She's grown so much in just the few short months that have passed since she entered adulthood. She'll be graduating in less than 2 months and everytime I think about it, my eyes well up and my heart aches, because she'll be packing her room - all those childhood memories, and enough clothes to fill a boutique - and she'll be heading off to her future as a college freshman. She's been accepted to UVSC (which becomes UVU in July) in Provo, Utah, and she has actually voiced an interest in Nursing! I couldn't be more proud of her...When she was a baby, 18 seemed a lifetime away. Now that she's 18, does that mean I'm old??? I'm old enough to have an 18 year old? What? Now I have a headache!
And yes, she has a boyfriend that she "loves"! He came down from St. George to take her to her prom, that was actually pretty sweet. My biggest concern is that he is ALSO going to UVSC, and I'm not sure how much "attending" is going to be going on! I'm not ready for this!


Baker Bunch said...

She is so Beautiful! I can believe that she is 18 now! Your doing awesome at blogging! Thanks for the pic in the e-mail too!

Love Ya

Hey we got a new house! I will update you more later!

Florene said...

Wow! I thought I was looking at a model and then realized that my little 'Lissa! Where did the years go? When did she get to be such a beautiful woman? When I see her in June, I don't think I will ever want to stop hugging her and remembering our beautiful little girl, Elissa. So many memories!
You did good, Heather! YOU, and you alone! She has emulated the best of her mother!
I love you,

sassy2273 said...

I can't believe Elissa is 18! I remember when I first met you and she was about 3 years old. What a stunning young woman. You've done an amazing job Heather.