Friday, April 4, 2008

Thank goodness it's baseball season again!!! I know I'm probably the only wife/mom that likes to actually watch baseball on TV...but I do! I love to watch my teams (all the SoCal teams, but our favorite team, hands down, is the Angels!!! Loved them since I was a kid and my dad used to take us to the home games! In those days they were the California Angels.) So far the Angels are 3-2 on the season!!! Go Halo's!!!

Also, our little Parker started his first year of Little League this week...big T-Baller! He had his season opener last Saturday and they were sooo cute! - I mean cool! (Parker doesn't like to be "cute" anymore, now he wants to be "cool") Tomorrow is his second game of the season and he's actually ASKING to go to bed so that he has enough "energy" for his big game tomorrow! That never happens! His team is the Raptors - as in the Ogden Raptors. They are, by the way, the rookie team for the LA Dodgers! And they're rival team is the Orem Owlz - with a Z - who play on the field at UVSC (soon to be UVU-where my oldest will be attending college in the fall). And they are the rookie team for who?? That's right...the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Just a little baseball trivia for those who are as crazy as me!
Anyway!!! Tomorrow I'll have some pics of Parker's game. I should probably get to bed myself so that I can get up and take to his big game!!


Aubrey said...

I'm glad you are a blogger now! And I'm another Angel's fan for sure! On Saturday night, I sat home all by myself and watched the Angels win Texas 2 to 1. It was awesome. I don't have a blog or gmail so I have to sign in under Aubrey's blog to leave a comment!
Love you,
Kim M

Aubrey said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Angels!

The REAL Aubrey

Baker Bunch said...

Looks good. I do love to watch baseball but, I don't think I am as big a fan as you! I know only some for the farm team name and who the belong to! Your too funny. Glad you got it up and going!

Florene said...

It amazes me that you "inherited" that love for baseball from your father! He was an avid fan and would get so mad whenever the Angels lost! Back when he was still alive, the Angels weren't doing all that great and Gene Autrey was the owner. Oh, how we loved to go to those games! I love that you love baseball so much -- makes your dad live on!