Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Doing it up "Vegas" style!

Homecoming 2008!!

I'm so far behind on posts it's sad! Our family really has been plenty busy lately, maybe that's why I got so far behind! So here starts the update!
Two weekends ago, Brendan went to the Centennial HS Homecoming Dance! He had a great time and went with a great group of kids (since he's not officially "dating"). The girl he asked was a just a friend, but they had great fun. All 20 kids - yes I said 20!- met up at one house where they loaded onto an "eco-friendly" huge party bus! The limo driver took them all to the dance where they stayed long enough to take a picture or two. Then it was on to In-n-Out burger for dinner - so classy! Then they got to cruise the strip for a couple of hours listening to music, eating junk food, and having good, clean fun! Yes, this is how they do it in Vegas! His dates' mom was a little stressed about letting her little girl go out on this "party bus", because this was her daughter's first dance. But I assured her that, having raised a girl first, this is the "norm" for Vegas dances! The driver's are very professional and don't tolerate any rule breaking. In fact, this one gave all the parents his card with his cell number in case we wanted to call and check on them during the evening. Wow - I hope he got a big tip for dealing with 20 teenagers for 5 hours!!


Florene said...

My Brendan boy is growing up much too fast. He is so cute! Tell him his grandma thinks he is a spectacular teen! I love that boy. Glad they could have such good, clean fun in Vegas!

Send more pictures!