Tuesday, October 7, 2008

School Days...

Today was a sad day at school for Parker. (I know he looks real sad right?) His friend Lena is moving away and today was her last day of school! Lena was his first friend in Kindergarten - she is such a sweetie - and he is going to miss her. So to make the day memorable, I took lots of pictures before school this morning, then I hurried home and printed them and put them in a little album for her to take with her to her new school. We didn't want her to forget us!!
Goodbye and good luck Lena!! We'll miss your sweet smile every morning! (and little Ava too!)


Florene said...

How sweet, Heather! You are the best mom! I remember JerriAnne had a cut little blonde boy in her pre-school class in Illinois, that she hated to leave. It seems like life is full of comings and goings, isn't it? Give Parker a hug for me -- he will meet other "Lena's!"