Saturday, December 6, 2008

Going to Town at Garehime Heights

The other night, Parker's school (Garehime Elementary, a.k.a. Garehime Heights) hosted their fall festival, ushering in the holiday season. Parker and Hailey COULD NOT believe that Santa had time to come all the way to Parker's school! How great was that? Well, for Parker and Courtney it was great, Hailey decided she really didn't know why she was so excited about talking to him once we got her to his lap! This was the absolute best picture I could get of her with Santa without a completely disgusted look on her face! The only thing she would utter when Santa asked her what she wanted for Christmas was "Derella" in a teeny, tiny whisper - Dad had to explain that that means Cinderella....her favorite princess of them all.
Parker, on the other hand, was so excited to tell Santa that all he wanted for Christmas was stacks and stacks of Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards....hmmmm.
And of course Courtney doesn't want much - just a new cell phone, a lap top, a new bike and oh, some new shoes and clothes if it's not too much to ask! Dream on sister!:)
So, a great time was had by all once we put Santa in our rear view. It was onto the arts and crafts booths and then a game of Twister, played on the BIGGEST Twister mat I'd ever seen!!


Rebecca said...

My little ones, 5 and 2, have yet to officially meet Santa. I always made sure the big ones did, but have just let the tradition sink. Loved your family photos--what a photogenic bunch.

Florene said...

Oh, does that bring back some wonderful memories! It looks like a good time was had by all. Little miss Princess is growing up so big. She looks so cute on Santa's lap, even though she isn't smiling. Remember Billy? I don't think he ever smiled with Santa!
Love you guys!

Kim said...

So cute! I love their faces!!! I want to play twister on that big gigantic board!!!