Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Let it snow!!

I know Vegas and snow are not two words used together very often, but yesterday we had one heck of a snow storm blow through town - well more like, stay for 6 or 7 hours and then move on! We live in the far Northwest of the valley closer to the mountains, so whenever there's weather, we usually get more of it up here! And while most of the Las Vegas valley enjoyed a light dusting of the white stuff - we got dumped on!! By the time it was through with us we had upwards of 4 inches, on the ground! It was so much fun to play in! We put aside all chores yesterday and had a snow day! Parker and Hailey had a blast throwing snowballs, making snow angels and building their first snowman - sad as he was! It is so much fun to have snow - as long as it only comes around once every year or so!!! :) Oh, and I almost forgot the coolest part! Hailey and Rich were on the news! We were standing outside of a Starbucks showing her how to catch snowflakes on her tongue and local news crew was in the area interviewing people. They saw Hailey and came right over to say hi and see if they could put her on the news, well, she is adorable, but I'm just a little biased! She didn't really want anything to do with them at first, but once Daddy picked her up she was a total show off - catching snowflakes and saying they tasted like bubble gum! It was so cute to see her on TV - she was quite proud of herself! A star is born!

This is when we were in front of Starbucks when the news guys came over.


Aubrey said...

How fun!!! I can only imagine what our horrible arctic storm here in southern california today is gonna bring your way tomorrow. look out. i have a feeling your're REALLY gonna get dumped on this time. :)

Kim said...

what? Snow? Las Vegas? How can that be? How fun for the family!
Love and miss you!

Florene said...

How fun, Heather. Those are some choice pictures. Don't you just love snow when you know it isn't going to stay around very long? We also had snow and it is still coming down. They predict more to come this week-end. Our temps have been in the 20-40 range. Brrr!