Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Merry Christmas it was!

Chistmas morning came way too early for me, after a late night of last minute wrapping and waiting for Hailey to finally fall asleep! But bright and early, I heard footsteps RUNNING into my room, Parker could barely contain his excitement! He'd peeked down the stairs and saw that Santa had left him his very own, pint-sized drum set! Needless to say, within 30 seconds the rest of the house was awakened by his very first drum solo! I think it may have woken a few neighbors as well! :) Yes, Santa must have thought that Parker was ready to pursue his musical talents with drums....after all, Daddy was a drummer. I just wish they came with a volume knob!!! hahahahaAfter a whirlwind of bows and paper, the gifts were opened and the playing began. The big boys got a Wii, so they were pretty much MIA the rest of the day. And Hailey was perfectly content playing with her new baby and Disney nursery set.

Thank you Santa for another job well done! We hope everyone's Christmas' were equally as Merry and that through it all, the true meaning of the season was able to reside inside everyone!
My favorite gift was having my college girl home for Christmas morning! I love that girl! And I know she'll be back to school before I know it :(
Thank you all for your cards and Christmas wishes. I hope you all had a beautiful holiday!


Aubrey said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful Christmas. Love you guys!