Monday, August 25, 2008

Back To School!

Is summer vacation really over already? Oh my gosh, how did that happen so fast!? Well, like it or not, it's time for back to school! And today was Parker's big First Day of Kindergarten! He was so cute! And soooo excited! When we got to the parking lot, he told us that we could just drop him off because the school gate was already open!! Wow - not even a little apprehensive about being away from mom and dad! I guess that's good, he'll be independent - but I have to admit to being a little sad that he wasn't going to miss me at all!
He has a couple of friends in class, Grant and Tucker - yes, someone named their little boy Tucker! I just hope he doesn't spend the whole time chatting and getting in trouble on the first day!

Way to go Parker!! You're in school now!! I just wish they would keep this excitement about it all the way through High School! Although, I think Brendan was pretty excited to go back today. He's not a little Freshman anymore!
And speaking of not a little Freshman anymore - today Jared goes for his Senior pictures! Can you believe it? When Rich and I first met, he was only 9! Wow does time ever fly!
Enjoy the pics - I'll post the rest of our end of summer updates soon!


Anonymous said...

Can it be true? Is our "big man" off to school? Your narration of his first day in school brought tears to this sentimental grandmother's eyes! Great pictures, Heather! I love your blog! I so look forward to each new entry.


Aubrey said...

Oh my gosh! Parker looks so grown up in these pictures. What a little heartbreaker. I love you cuzzy. Good look in school!

Baker Bunch said...

HEy! Cute pics of his first day!

I am back too btw! I post 2 just to start my catch process!

You are more than welcome to borrow the books. I already finished the first one again! They are so good! I forget that I am a hopeless romantic!

Kim Messick said...

Wow! Parker is a big man on campus now! Can't believe how fast they grow and go!!!