Sunday, August 3, 2008

Day 2 - Beachin' it!

So Hailey didn't want anything to do with the sand when we first got to the beach, but she quickly got over her little phobia!!!
Hailey before liking the sand.......and after getting used to it!!
She and Parker both took sand baths, they were covered in the stuff from head to toe, and loving every second of it!
A good time was had by all, the water was perfect, the sun was out, we couldn't have asked for a better day.
After the sun and the sand, we came back to our hotel for a quick dip in the pool, then we showered and headed out for dinner at our favorite pizza place in Carlsbad, "The Pizza Port".
It was as yummy as ever. After pizza and beer buddies (their name for their yummy garlic bread), we headed over to "Cessy's" for the best soft serve ice cream on the beach. We then loaded up the little ones, with their ice cream cones in hand, and headed over to Frazee park to watch an absolutely amazing sunset, along with about 50 other Carlsbadians. After watching "Robert the fire juggler", we headed back to our room to get ready for bed.

Tomorrow - SEA WORLD!!!


Florene said...

You have the most amazing knack for taking great pictures! I'm lovin' it!


Oh, P.S. -- Thanks for sharing my blog site with the Cox's. I got a great comment from Joyce! This is another wonderful way to stay in touch!

Rebecca said...

What a great vacation. I'm jealous.

Aubrey said...

can't wait to see you guys. hope you're having so much fun today!!!