Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day 9

La Jolla Coves
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Sunday August 10, 2008

Today we decided to head out on an adventure. We weren't 100% sure where we were headed, but we headed south toward San Diego and decided to go where the road took us.
Originally, we thought we'd go down to SeaPort Village and walk around and window shop. But while we were driving, I remembered these cool sea caves I'd seen years ago in La Jolla and asked if anyone wanted to go check them out. Everyone seemed game, so we went on a little tour of downtown La Jolla in search of the caves. After stopping for ice cream, and to ask diretions, we finally found them! They were soo cool! And there were sea lions all over the place! Brendan and Parker got within a couple of feet of one sunbathing on the rocks! Then we decended the 145 steps to one of the caves known as "Sunny Jim" - apparently the opening, when viewed during daylight hours, forms the silouette of an Indian. It was a cool adventure. And apparently you can go on Kayaking and snorkeling tours through all 7 caves - maybe when the llittle ones get a bit bigger.
So, on our way back to our car - we passed a beautiful, red, Ferrari F40 parked in front of one of the hotels, so we decided to take a picture for the testosterone factor.
When we got back to Kim's, they were surprised to hear that such caves even exsisted! Imagine, they've lived here their whole lives and have never been. So now they're planning a trip down with some friends!
It was such a fun day!!!


Aubrey said...

Oh yeah, you figured out the picture mosaic. Isn't it great! :) I'm so glad I got to see you guys while you were here. I can't believe how big my cousins are getting. I just love you all to pieces!!!

Florene said...

Wow! More prize-winning pictures. I had no idea that those caves existed, either! Sounds like your adventures just get better and better.